Professional Lab Services


We specialize in professional photo and fine art printing using the latest digital printing techniques, including printing HDR effects as well as traditional B&W film processes. Working with award-winning commercial and fine art clients, our prints can be found in museums, gallery exhibitions, books and publications, and in homes throughout the world.


For Archivist, historian, and family members wanting historic photographic images duplicated or restored, we offer state-of-the-art scanning services. We reproduce all forms of photographic media from 110 to 8x10 films, tin types and daguerrotypes, to photographs, flat artwork and even X-ray film. We will turn all your images into digital files - TIFF,  JPG, or PDF.  Images can be printed, shared and archived on a CD or DVD. A DVD Slide show can then be created from the scans. 

All photos and film are hand scanned by a trained technician. Your photos are never shipped overseas.

Our reputation for handling all film sizes is unparalleled. They include: 110 mm; Kodak Disc; 126mm; 35mm slides – mounted and un-mounted; Medium format -120, 645, 2 ¼; Large format film – 4x5, 5x7 & 8x10, APS and Sony Mavica digital files. With our state-of-the-art technology, we have safely digitized and preserved millions of photos and film for our customers.


We specialize in the reproduction and printing of museum quality Fine Art for Artists and Photographers. First we create a color accurate digital file; a color bar for Artists submitting work directly for jurried competions and shows can be included. From the digital file, we make Giclee prints using the finest pigment based inks and printing on fine canvas up to 40" in width.  Giclee prints offers the Artist flexibility in size and quantity of prints and is an affordable option for creating color accurate reproductions of original artwork. 


We produce high quality and innovative slideshow videos from your scanned originals and digital files. Call or email us to obtain a quote.


Restoration specialists at Photo Darkroom combine artistry with technology to repair stained, torn, cracked, faded and water damaged photographs. Unwanted people or objects can also be removed from an image. We handle all formats of film including old or odd sized negatives and transparencies.

Working from a digitized image and using modern technology, we help to erase the effects of time.  The original photos are never worked on.  Only the digitized copy is restored. Your original materials are returned along with your restored images.

Estimates – No Charge

Each photo restoration is unique and requires different treatment.  Your work is thoroughly evaluated in order to provide you with a quote. With severely damaged images, we may make an initial scan to allow us to properly evaluate the work involved.


We transfer VHS, 8mm, Super 8 & 16mm movie film to DVD. The effects of age and wear can significantly deteriorate your film, making them dry and brittle. Transferring the content of your family movies to DVD will help to preserve them for future generations. Our technicians carefully digitize your film frame-by-frame.  This reduces the flicker effect that plagues so many other transfer processes.  Plus, we transfer Super 8 with sound. 


We handle most video formats: DVCAM, MiniDV, DVD, VHS, Hi8, HDV, AVI, QuickTime, and MP4.


We hand process all B&W format films.  We are one of the few remaining Labs in the nation to do so.


All work must be paid upon completion. We accept cash, checks, Visa & Master Card.  PO’s are accepted from city and government agencies.

LIMITATIONS Not responsible for work left at our facility over 6 months.

 Artwork Reproduction + Film Scanning & Duplication + Restoration + Film/Video Transfer + Photograhic Printing + B&W Film Processing